The Factory Management encyclopedia in Ebook and Paperback

The Factory Management encyclopedia shows the factory management mode and the tools necessary to develop a manufacturing standard Just-In-Time or JIT, Total Quality Control, and continuous improvement or KAIZEN, from the empirical point of view of the pioneering companies in these processes and the experienced and international vision of the Consultant and Sensei Koichi Kimura.

The Factory Management encyclopedia book series shows the deployments and the way in which the different tools are deployed to achieve the KAIZEN environment in all facets of factory management, from corporate policy (Hoshin-Kanri), to security (TPS), going through the foundations created by the deployment of 5S, Total Preventive Maintenance (TPM) and the necessary establishment of the production flow based on total quality and visual management.

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The System of Excellence

Volume I of The Factory Management Encyclopedia:

In this book the methods that underlie Japanese Corporate Management thinking, that is, the CORPORATE MANAGEMENT FRAMEWORK, are finally captured. These methods had not been deeply synthesized in the Western world or even in Japan, until now. This book describes the management and operational system of TOYOTA, SUMITOMO, HONDA, etc.

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Cero Accidents (TPS) Total Preventive Safety

Volume III of The Factory Management Encyclopedia:

The Total Preventive Safety or TPS introduced in this book (Ed.2019), based on the development script of Sensei Koichi Kimura, sets out a clear and scalable method of participation of all workers in the management of health & safety at work, developed through all people’s participation over Kaizen.

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